The current, IRB Holdings focusing on 5 main areas:
• Real Estate
• Rubber business
• Construction
• Luxury Interior & Sanitary Equipment Distribution
• Entertainment service, Hotel – Resort & Golf


In the heart of every Vietnamese, the living place is not only a place to protect from the rain and sun, it is also a place of love and convergence, where achievements are sublimated. Therefore, IRB Holdings always strives to bring a complete "settled" benefit to its customers.

Grasping the inevitable trend of real estate development in Vietnam, from 2016 until now, IRB Holdings has continuously implemented projects in the most beautiful places in Vietnam such as Ha Long, Phu Yen, Lao Cai,…

With a team of experienced professionals, abundant project funds, large investment capital and cooperation with leading partners in the world, IRB Holdings strives to become the leading real estate developer in Vietnam and Area.


Lấy cảm hứng từ biểu tượng hòn Trống Mái huyền thoại của vịnh Hạ Long và truyền thuyết Phượng Hoàng trong văn hóa phương Đông, Phoenix Legend Hotel and Residences được sắp đặt khéo léo bao gồm 2 tòa tháp cao tầng, cùng với 26 căn biệt thự tượng trưng cho những quả trứng mang ý nghĩa của sự phù phú, sinh sôi và phát triển.
Phoenix Legend Hotel And Residences là dự án căn hộ sở hữu vĩnh viễn mang thương hiệu MGallery by Sofitel đầu tiên tại Việt Nam, do tập toàn khách sạn AccorHotels quản lý và vận hành.
Tọa lạc trên đại lộ Hùng Vương – trục đường lớn nhất thành phố Tuy Hòa, vị trí chiến lược ngay cửa ngõ phía Nam Phú Yên, Phoenix Garden được ví như “viên ngọc xanh giữa lòng xứ Nẫu”. 
Tại Phoenix Garden cư dân có cơ hội trải nghiệm hệ thống tiện ích hiện đại như: Khu phố đi bộ ; Trung tâm y tế; Trường mầm non quốc tế; Bảo tàng nghệ thuật; Nhà hát; Bến du thuyền,...



Rubber business is one of the traditional activities of IRB Holdings, with diversified commodity systems such as: SVR3L, SVR10, SVR20, RSS1, RSS3, CV50, CV60, ...

Besides the direct export of natural rubber, we also focus on finding strategic partners for business transactions. Accordingly, IRB Holdings has cooperated with rubber-intensive region, ensuring to supply the market with high quality products & meeting export standards.

Not only is one of the key development of IRB Holdings, construction also promotes the available advantages and add on core business activities of the Group. Currently, IRB Holdings owns a team of advisors, officers with professional qualifications and deep understanding in construction business, which ensures the good implementation from design to construction, from technical, aesthetic, schedule, quality to labor safety.


In addition to promoting the development of real estate, rubber import and export, construction, design and trading of furniture, hotel operation & management, IRB Holdings also invests in the development of entertainment services, Hotels - Resort & Golf Course, to further promote the Group's investment activities.

With the strength of experienced personnel and many outstanding achievements in investment activities, IRB Holdings is implementing many development activities in resorts, and cooperating with big corporations and companies, domestic and foreign groups to enhance the development of investment technology, management, marketing and operation of entertainment center, hotel - resort & golf course.



IRB Holdings has been investing heavily in human factors as well as the system of showrooms for the distribution of sanitary equipment and high-class furniture, meeting the increasing interior needs of customers.

With the desire to bring the best to our customers, our company always offers the best products and services to satisfy customers.


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